Missing Midi Expression Controller Code

The Sequential Prophet-6 Analogue Synthesizer

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Hector Space
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Missing Midi Expression Controller Code

Post by Hector Space » Thu Mar 10, 2016 9:46 am

It doesn't seem that the P6 responds to midi CC 11 Expression/Swell.
Is this right? I've got it working with CC07 Volume, but that's a crude controller not really meant for performance. The P6 is a real star at performance synthesis so I can't believe DSI have left CC11 out..
Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?
It actually says on page 8 of the manual, 6. Expression Pedal-Volume.. to add expressiveness and dynamics to live performance... So where is CC 11 in the MIDI table? Standard MIDI practice is Expression is CC 11 not CC 7.. CC 7 is volume, Expression is CC 11 and sweeps the volume smoothly to the setting of the master volume or that which is set by CC 7.. This helps reduce zipper noise because 127 levels of Expression (CC 11) are spread over a narrower dynamic range than from zero to full volume. Of all places I'd expect DSI to conform. Currently the P6 implementation is confused.

It's also generally the case that the master volume is not changed by CC 7, i.e. CC 7 usually adjusts the volume in the range from zero up to the level set by the synth's master volume. This allows several instruments to use the same midi channel and have their volume controlled by midi CC 7 whilst the overall volume balance of the instruments is adjusted by each instrument's individual master volume. The current P6 arrangement blows this type of operation out the water! Because CC7 overrides the master volume setting on the P6-not what I would have expected!

Either way, please can we have Expression CC 11 added, so that it allows a sweep in volume up to the level set by the master volume. :idea: :D

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