Prophet 08 or Prophet 6 - a video comparison

The Sequential Prophet-6 Analogue Synthesizer

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Prophet 08 or Prophet 6 - a video comparison

Post by StarskyCarr » Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:43 pm

I've recently purchased a Prophet 6 and love it. I also have a Prophet 08 and love that!!

While I was considering if I needed another polysynth (who doesn't!) I had difficulty getting any real unbiased info comparing the 2 synths. I know you can buy one and send it back within 30 days from most retailers, but for those who'd rather take a little longer to make a decision or those further afield who can't return goods, I thought I'd make some comparison videos.

1. Oscillators and Basic Modulation
2. Filters
3. Making Simple Pads
4. Sequencers and Arpeggiators
5. Complex Pads

I hope its of some use to someone... or I've wasted my time...


BTW I've also posted this on the Prophet 08 pages - hope that's not breaking any forum rules.


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Re: Prophet 08 or Prophet 6 - a video comparison

Post by Musicmaker » Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:24 pm

Many thanks for the effort for making all these videos. Don't have a prophet (yet) but been contemplating to add some DSI equipment and for sure a non-key version. Have actually decided on the 12 because it's sound is so distinctive different and in a different category than the 6, 8 or anything else in the market. Based on these video's would want the 6 due to its legacy (and perhaps keeping a higher residual value over time) but if the sounds are so close in reality as they sound on Youtube and when having to chose one, then then it is a pretty easy decision to chose the 8: saves $800 bucks, is in 19" rack form (P6 not), more routing possibilities and bi-timbral. For the cost savings for not getting the 6, get something else to add to the "mix" in the studio. The P6 is perhaps more for hardcore DSI lovers. Not sure if others share the same feeling.

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Re: Prophet 08 or Prophet 6 - a video comparison

Post by Novem » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:46 am


That's a great look at how much the Prophet 08 sounds like the Prophet 6, and 5 for that matter. I had a Mopho x4 and it does sound very good..there seems to be a reverb on all the patches, like the other Mophos. I played the Prophet 6 at GC a few times, and while it does sound seems to have a phaser fx on the filter. It's
More pronounced when you use the slop function on the higher setting.
I'm totally satisfied with my P08, and may get the 6 later on, but I want to see what Sequential shows at NAMM !


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Re: Prophet 08 or Prophet 6 - a video comparison

Post by zerocrossing » Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:23 am

Thanks for this! I'm contemplating either a 6 or two Tetras and I think you just sold a pair of Tetras. 8) I love the sound of the 6 but I love the Curtis sound too.
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Jan Geerts
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Re: Prophet 08 or Prophet 6 - a video comparison

Post by Jan Geerts » Mon May 30, 2016 10:29 am

I have'm side by side, or rather the one above the other, right now. I prefer the 08, both in sound and possibilities. The latter are much greater obviously, but the 08 sounds better to me, although they're not miles apart either. Except in price :D

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