Prophet-6: Syncing arpeggiator with tempo from Ableton Live 9

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Prophet-6: Syncing arpeggiator with tempo from Ableton Live 9

Post by Gunhildk » Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:35 pm


I have hooked my Prophet 6 up to Ableton live 9 with a midi cable via a Motu Ultralite soundcard to get the tempo from my liveset for live performance. It seems to be syncing ok, however, I find it very hard to play in time. Obviously this has something to do with my not-midi-perfect timing, but I haven't struggled this much with similar set-ups before. It seems to be that the arpeggiator wants to "finish" its arpeggio even if I change keys and lags a little, but not every time, so there's no use in being early on the beat either.

I've tried changing key mode to see if that helps, but it doesn't change anything. Is there any way to sync it just with LFO, for example, so I get the movement I want, but it doesn't have to add in the arpeggiator? I saw that the LFO can be synced to the arpeggiator, but can't figure out how to bypass the arpeggiator and still sync the LFO with the tempo from ableton.

Thanks for your help!


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