Sudden loss of tuning

The Sequential Prophet-6 Analogue Synthesizer

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Sudden loss of tuning

Post by Fuseball » Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:15 am

Yesterday I was moving around a lot of program locations on the Prophet 6, to free up a bank or two for my own sounds. After moving around 30 of them I noticed that the synth suddenly lost all tuning, with individual voices wildly detuned from each other. It was as if the P6 had lost all its automatic tuning data!

I switched the P6 off and waited a few moments. Turned it back on and it was still completely out of tune. I then ran the oscillator and filter calibration, which fixed it, so no problem there. Was there some undocumented button combination I could have hit accidentally, while writing sounds to new locations, that could have caused this?

For reference, it was connected only via MIDI DIN cables and the room is a stable temperature.
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