Pro 2 Envelope Amount Jump / Inconsistent

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Pro 2 Envelope Amount Jump / Inconsistent

Post by gunark » Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:20 pm

Hello! Loving my Pro 2 but finding odd behaviour with the Filter Envelope Amount knob - it is inconsistent in so much as it will show as changing values on the screen but won't change the sound. Or it will sound different at the same setting, just dependent on how quick I have turned it to the position on the dial. Also, if I move the knob slowly the value changes but the sound does not. The second SEM envelope does the same.

I've changed the knob setting setting between jump, relative and pickup but nothing is different - i this a thing, a feature or just a fault?

I'll try to put a video up soon to make it clearer!

Edit: Was set to local off as going via Ableton Live, appears to wrk correctly when set to local on, so no idea what Live could be doing to it...

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