SEQUENCER: Still no way to add a rest when recording a Sequence

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SEQUENCER: Still no way to add a rest when recording a Sequence

Post by alwaysuptil1 » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:30 pm

You're poking around your Pro2... you find a sound you love. Tweak it. Create a cool riff in your mind. Go to sequence it. There's already a sequence in there. No problem, right? Just clear the track.

The only problem is that if you clear the track, the sequence defaults to 16 steps of C5. Now you can adjust that to be different notes, but you can't just have the tracks be empty. Why is that?

I'd like it if when I hit Record, I can insert rests as I input notes. But because the 'Cleared' track is a bunch of C5's, everywhere I want to insert a rest remains a C5 instead of no note. Now I have to go in and turn all the C5's off to accomplish my original idea. Wait, did I play a C5 in my original idea?

I know that if I go to Global and start a new patch from scratch, the sequence will be 16 blank steps, but I want to use the patch I was just messing around with and put down this cool idea quickly.....

Now I'm doing tech stuff instead of creating. The inspiration is lost.

Even the manual states,"You can add rests to an existing sequence, or if you're creating a sequence in step mode, you can add them as you go."
It then goes through step by step instructions on how to turn off steps in an already existing sequence, but never goes through any description on how to insert rests when you're recording.

So I ask that in the next update, make it available to 'Clear Track' of everything, leaving all the steps blank instead of C5. So that we can actually 'add rests as we go."


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Re: SEQUENCER: Still no way to add a rest when recording a Sequence

Post by Royalston » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:50 pm

that makes sense. You can record rests on basic sequencers from the late 30/40 years ago like the should definitely be on the pro2

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