odd tuning behavior pro 2

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odd tuning behavior pro 2

Post by Verbmusics » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:58 am


recently i have come across odd behavior regarding tuning and my pro 2. here is what happens to me about 50% of the time when i use the synth. say i press c3 and watch in the cuemix tuner i have from motu the freq played is often c#3 or b2 plus 50-60 cents either direction. so i hop into global settings and use master transpose or coarse to dial in correct tuning. all back to normal. but then 30 mins later (not every time but often) the synth tuning will revert to off key again. and i have to use the global/coarse transpose again. this happens with init patches, one osc only with no lfos or envelopes used for mod. the mod wheel itself will be down. pitch wheel untouched. after a week of this behavior i have noticed that if after i turn on synth, i use "global reset" i can get back to solid tuning. but later it drifts again hard. this can be quite frustrating especially in a "digital" synth lol.

anyone else have this? is my board wonky? all of my other hardware works fine and as expected. the daw i use and i dont think it should matter is ableton. the signal goes clean into ableton from my motu mk3 hybrid (i wish i still had my uad apollo... sigh) and softsynths are not effected of course. just the pro 2 acts this way.

thanks for any input. the pro 2 is a kick ass synth and i miss the 5 or so months working with it without these nagging tuning issues.

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Re: odd tuning behavior pro 2

Post by cbmd » Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:14 pm

calibrate your pitch and mod wheels
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