sequencer recording

The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Analogue Synthesizer

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sequencer recording

Post by blitsy » Sat May 16, 2015 4:47 pm

i've been playing around with the sequencer for a few days, trying to see how useful it is...and i've had a lot of fun.

i have a couple of questions though.

i can set fixed mod source 'Seq TRACK 1' to destination 'Seq Out 2 Ch 16' and it sends channel 1 to midi out 2

However, im experiencing a crazy amount of stuck notes...buggy as hell. Tested with Moog SLim Phatty and Nord Lead 2...every time i stop a sequence the final note sticks, endlessly...which is quite frustrating. I have to restart either the pro 2 or the destination synth to stop the note from playing :(

Also, i'm not getting any midi sent from the Pro 2 keyboard to 'midi out 2' to use the sequencer i have to use out-2...but to use the keyboard i have to use to program a sequence i have to swap midi ports every time i want to record, as i cant hear the notes without going back to midi out 1!!! This is so stupid.

Anyone else with this issue?

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Re: sequencer recording

Post by RKfan » Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:32 pm

I have experienced this.

I have been sending stuff out to my Bass Station II from the sequencer and quite often the notes drone on for ever when you stop the sequencer.

I guess one thing the sequencer needs to do is send "all notes off" when it stops.

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