Addition of new filters possible?

The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-12 Analogue Synthesizer

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Addition of new filters possible?

Post by laurentius » Wed May 18, 2016 7:08 pm

Hi there,

this is my first posting here. Great to see so much activity in the forum. I love my Prophet 12 and think it's the most fun to use synth I've possessed in my life so far.
From warm pads to the craziest modular-like patches I always come up with inspiring stuff that leads to instant song writing.

I also love the analog lp filter (the hp is not that good in my opinion). But for complex experimental patches some different filter types or additional filter routings would be so cool. So do you think it would be possible to add additional filters like notch/bandpass to use in conjunction with the lowpass? Of course I am just talking about digital. Or is this beyond possible? Who know what the dsp is capable of?

Just dreaming of some future options ;-)


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