soundtower, mac OS and accessibility

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soundtower, mac OS and accessibility

Post by silvain » Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:30 pm

Hey hey, I've recently downloaded soundtower for Mac OS X, running on 10.6.8. I've tried to use it with VoiceOver. It appears, that all elements are visible, but none of them has a useful name.
I know a bit about accessible development on Mac OS, not practically. But I've been working with people, who do that for their daily living. :) So could you please make it accessible? From what I know, in xcode there is the accessibility inspector, that will help you. It's mainly about assigning name strings to the correct properties of the UI elements in question. Of course there's more, that can be done, like structuring interfaces through lists, scroll areas, tables and more and these things would surely be helpful, but using the menus, the application could be controlled adequately, from what I've seen.
I'd be willing to test it and perhaps ask around for better, practical guidance to solve this issue as quickly and cheaply as possible. I'm curious to see, whether soundtower could help me access my Prophet 12 in another productive way.
Thank you for reading! <3

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