Question about offset from a non-user

The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-12 Analogue Synthesizer

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Question about offset from a non-user

Post by dang » Fri Feb 19, 2016 3:46 pm

Hello board! I'm encircling the Prophet 12 as a next synth choice but still have some questions. I know, as with modular, a large key to unlocking a wide sound palette is through attenuation of modulation, which for the P12 is in the DC Offset. What I was wondering is how many modulations can offset be applied to?

As I typed that question it led me to a new one. Can modulation sources be assigned to more than one destination? For instance, can I assign LFO 1 to modulate the delay and pitch of an oscillator (just for example). Forgive me, as I have not even demo'd a P12 in person, so I hope I am being clear.

Many thanks!

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Re: Question about offset from a non-user

Post by michaeljhuman » Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:28 pm

There's 16 assignable mod slots and 8 fixed slots.

Each assignable slot can have any source, any dest and a modulation amount. DC offset is just another mod source

There's no restriction on the source. You could have 1 source and 16 different destinations for example.

Note that the fixed slots mean you won't take up assignable slots for standard mod routings. For example, I believe all 4 LFOs have a fixed slot. Note that you can used fixed slots and assignable slots with the same source. It's flexible.

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