disable receive program change messages

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disable receive program change messages

Post by oldgearguy » Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:21 pm

I know DSI added a "Send Program Change" on/off param in the global section. However, I have a sporadic issue where it would be really nice to disable program change receive messages as well **without** turning off all external control. i.e. - I still want to be able to trigger notes and send CCs to the P-12.

Maybe change the Global option to "Program Change:" Send/Receive/Both/None ??

I was messing around with the various options in the global section and couldn't come up with a combo that worked for me.

Yes - I understand I could go through all my other gear and see if I can disable program change send messages and/or buy and insert a MIDI filter device, but if I can possibly do it at the P-12, I'd be happier.

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