Envelope Repeat Function Issue

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Envelope Repeat Function Issue

Post by HermesRuns » Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:35 pm

Hello dear P12 heads

I have maybe a silly question for you but I could'nt solve this issue by myself.
As you know, the P-12 allows you to repeat certain envelopes. For example, let's take the Low Pass Filter envelope.
I set up Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release, and after a specific amount of time, the envelope repeats, if you choose "env. repeat" on.

My question / issue is about this "specific" amount of time.
It gets controlled by the use of 0 - 127 steps, which you can apply to each of the ADSR points of the envelope. So we have 128 steps x 4.

Lets say, I have a beat on my DAW running at 128 BPM, and I wanna use now the Envelope repeat on my low pass filter.
HOW can I sync this up? It doesnt matter what value between 0 and 127 I choose, I can never sync the env repeat to the 128 bpm on my daw.

What are these values anyway? 0 - 127 what? Milliseconds, or whatever...?

I think it's kinda stupid to have a env repeat function and then you can't even sync it up to a tempo...
I hope I am the idiot here and that there is a solution.

In short: What does 0 - 127 mean? What's the value of these steps? Can they be synced to a tempo in my DAW?

p.s.: I know I can use the LFO or the arpeggiator to achieve the same effect, but I really wanna know since there are auxiliary envelopes you can choose as modulation sources. I wanna sync that shit up baby!


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