Comment - effects and the P12

The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-12 Analogue Synthesizer

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Comment - effects and the P12

Post by oldgearguy » Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:18 am

I'm throwing this out just to see what others experiences have been.

More so than any other synth or drum machine I've owned, I tend to like the sound of the P-12 without effects on it. In fact, adding some processing tends not to be a guaranteed "makes it sound better" experience. Most of the other gear I've owned sounds even better when running it through a delay or reverb or multi-effects patch. In addition, I typically don't have to do much editing to the sound to get the synth+FX to merge into 1 new sound. With the P-12, I often will try an effect, do some editing on the P-12 and the effect params, and after some time go back and just use the P-12 dry.

My guess is that with 4 oscillators, 2 filters, wide frequency range, and other sound shaping parameters, the standard sounds/patches coming out of the P-12 are already full spectrum and have life to them. Maybe starting with just a single oscillator tone and working up from there?

Has this been other people's experience or just maybe I haven't stumbled onto the right combination of P-12 sound+FX?

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