Bug - when can yo fix it?

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Bug - when can yo fix it?

Post by johndude » Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:00 pm


When the Prophet 12 is used with a DAW with local mode switched off, I cannot change patch on the synth

I know with all the new stuff you been bringing out you guys been busy, but i really badly want this fixed!!

I did speak with Mark Kono via a support email back in November, and i see theres been no updates since 2013!

Heres what mark confirms


Hi John-

Checking things a bit more here in the office, I can see that it is not working as it should when trying to change to different patches while playing back a sequence from a couple of DAWs. I tried both Ableton and Reaper and both did work changing patches but only when turning the soft knob in a quick motion. Changing patches one by one would not change the program. I did however try this on the Pro 2 and it did work as expected. Changing patches while playing back notes from the DAW and while Local Control is set to Off did work. I've put this on the bug list which we'll likely put into a future OS update though I cannot say exactly when this will happen. If you have any other questions, please let me know by responding to this email.

Best regards,

Dave Smith Instruments


It basically means its near impossible to select a patch i want without spinning the dial very fast and getting a roulette landing patch.

Hope you can take a look at this!

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