Wanted: Patch per-layer transpose parameter

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Wanted: Patch per-layer transpose parameter

Post by snogglethorpe » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:54 am

Hi, I just got a P12, and love the sound...

There's one little feature that I think would really be useful though: a per-layer note-transpose parameter, saved as part of the patch (similar to the existing layer volume parameter). This would really make creating good splits (and layers) much easier in many cases.

A typical example of when it would be useful: you spend some time and create the perfect pad patch. You decide to make a split, with the pad as the lower layer, and a lead sound as the upper. But then you discover that the pitch range of the pad in the split is too low, and want to move it up an octave or two ... but it can be very difficult (given the current OS) to adjust the sound to just change the pitch of a patch layer.

Changing the pitch of the oscillators is simple enough, but there are many other places in a patch that can react to the note number (dedicated filter/amp etc keyboard scaling, modulations based on the note number, etc), and finding them all and correctly adjusting the patch to shift the pitch of the sound without changing its character can be very difficult (if the scaling on some parameter isn't linear, it might even be impossible).

Using the global keyboard-transpose function isn't a good solution in many cases either, as global transposition happens before keyboard splitting, so it affects both sides the split; one can't transpose just one of the voices in a split. [In addition, as it's not saved with a patch, one has to always remember to adjust the global transpose when switching to and from that patch (and then adjust the split point to compensate for the transposition), which is annoying.]

I run into this issue fairly often, and sometimes the contortions needed to work around it can be maddening... However having a per-layer note-transpose parameter would make such adjustments trivial. As it's just adding a constant to the input note-number, I imagine should be fairly simple to implement.


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Re: Wanted: Patch per-layer transpose parameter

Post by amstat » Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:49 pm

+1! This would be a great feature.
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Re: Wanted: Patch per-layer transpose parameter

Post by silvain » Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:52 pm

+2 I agree having fought this a couple of times already. :)

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Re: Wanted: Patch per-layer transpose parameter

Post by Mantrak » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:08 pm

Yes, absolutely, yes.

Until now I did not need to play P12 live. The moment you are in a live setup situation this is must have.

Anyhow, the whole Split/Layer affair is the weakest point of P12. Instead of being helpful addition it just gets in the way. Split/Layer configuration should not be default, it should be moved to the background. That would make P12 more immediate and useful. Right now, I always have to move Split/Layer aside while working on a patch.
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