Feature Request for Prophet 12

The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-12 Analogue Synthesizer

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Re: Feature Request for Prophet 12

Post by Mr Kay » Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:21 pm

And imagine if the P'12 OS was coded in Java :lol:

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Re: Feature Request for Prophet 12

Post by dc_Sux » Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:35 am

Recent new acquisition of the P12 module. Really impressed with it so far.
One thing that would be great would be a way to assign performance macros to the soft knobs.
You could have an option to toggle to macros on or off in the global menu. When they were on, they would be active when on the "Display Program" page and you would have visual feedback of their current status.
In this way, you could assign multiple parameters to each soft knob, and set how they respond (ie. +/- and the magnitude of response).
This would enable quick but complex sound sculpting, and would be particularly useful on the P12 module, where accessing multiple parameters (e.g.. LFO freq and FM amt) at the the same time isn't possible.
The performance macros on the elektron analog four work like this, and are one of it's best features.

Just a thought.

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Re: Feature Request for Prophet 12

Post by sapristico » Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:22 pm

Obviating the recent demonstrations in NAMM about the policies, and...design/components/development/commercial...strategies (maquiavelic in some approach)...Lets be Proactive, Collaborative and Kind...just for demonstrative constructive sense of Communication (maybe, even of Economy for the Common Good), about design strategies before-after product development/launching, and the necessary real knowledge about the product (cans and can'ts), responsibilities, policies, expectations...or to spend some time dreaming about the real Dream Flagship Synth...or trying to sell this, and buy that in ebay?

Maybe some other people who tend to dream,...or to allow some collaborative POV and approach for giving possible pathways, projecting potencies and sharing ideas, or maybe even DSI people can take some useful info and arranged strategy or simple "List of Wishes" from the Community.

Please, feel free to explain the crazyness of some of the questions/suggestions (only non biased accurate technical point of view, please) unnafordable for ever,...or shading some points, gathering and adding others from previous discussions and pages.

So,...this is what I have intended (and to be incorporated into a text archive to common feeding) as:


HARDWARE MODIFICATIONS AVAILABLE? (I know this is a kind of ACID trip...but, who knows about a Gligli future? just to hit the sci-fi/parallel world Piñata about P12 Rev.B or Dr. Frankenstein MOD?)

1) Could it be possible an adhoc modification at least in one of the P12 Parts: LPF or HPF replacing...Installing the Prophet 6 (SSM type filter chips a la Prophet V Rev.2)? Now the OB filter also!! hahaha.
Likely, unaffordable, impossible due to architecture? potential costs? Obviously, apart from DSP Oscillators, this could provide some of the SSM flavour to one of the parts of the Prophet 12...(sideway for improving some sound aspects in the initial design and technology available?).

2) Real Ring Modulator Circuit? I guess the Real Ring Modulation behavior as requested/mentioned in that thread, is not software-possible...

3) Modification in HardWired B Outputs? (separated 4 mono outputs from Voices/part? at least, separated but connected at the same time A and B)

4) Modification of the Global St Distortion+Feedback behavior in the whole Sound and OBVIOUS ranges?...hardwired again? Was it so difficult on design desk or even in architecture, consider the possibility of different routes/behaviors? Only in Pro-2 the routing for filter (and flavours were discovered...aaah, the flagship before the knowledge...)

...let's talk about more affordable possibilities?

SOFTWARE - O.S. - DSP behavior/performance

1) POLY MODS in UNISON (pending from the last review...logically expectable and not creditable to be impossible...at least in voice pairs?, according to the motherboard design as shown before). this is obvious and applied in a lot of digital synths from 90s...i.e: Unison 2 voices, 3 notes polyphony per part; Unison 3 voices, so 2 notes polyphony per part. In 12 voice arrange unique part....more combinations allowed.

2) REAL RING MODULATION Behavior (as mentioned in specific thread and in hardware...Possible in some way only by O.S. and DSP OSC behavior?)

3.1) MORE "MODES" FOR or Nº of WAVEFORMS (Analog Variables - Saw slopes - Sin Shaping in freq, not slope, ala ION. See min 0.30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg2H7KgK2vk)

3.2) Modulation between forms for Classic Analog ? REALLY I can't understand why this not to be implemented in a synth with the name Prophet in in (from Saw to pulse, to sine? from inverse Saw to square?...) Like in the WT ones...if everything is DSP generated,...why not???! I must missed the technical explanation for this...because it's not minimum logical.
+PUREST or more new trend harmonics versions of the Analog Waveforms (In the Prophet 5 image and Likeness)?

3.3) Import of 1 wave form from user (only one extra slot, or replacing one - one of the noise signals?): Specific conditions for waveform import through sysex??, maybe a Wave editor in Soundtower solution for preparing the specific sysex according?...since we paid...it would deserve more than presets managing!)

3.4) SUBOSC (other forms also from DSP?), why not possible with available power and short DSP prog. effort?

3.5) ...

4) Filter LPF issues...resolution and superior range? As I intended from some people resquests.


) USB Midi IN signal allowable to be routed directly or summed to Midi Thru (as in MANY keyboards)

5) On the fly recordable polyphonic sequencer? DSP VS Architecture limitations...At least a direct Record Button Combi for ARP 32 steps in real time/sync...(with some kind of metronome signal of such sync? I know, this bullshit)

6) Direct interface response for Analog ADSR forms response? I mean...instead of the Modulation Trick for improving the clicking ADSR response with ENV amount to Attack...allow some internal adjustment to use "exponential" manipulation/version of the Analog ENVs (maybe only in 3 or 4?).

N) New/Extra Modulation sources/destinations?:

LFO 1-2-3-4 slew rate?
Delays filters Freqs


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Re: Feature Request for Prophet 12

Post by sapristico » Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:04 am

I wanted to upload the file in TXT format, to be open in every reader/editor, but not allowed...neither in PDF; so, it is into the zip file.
Only soft part considered and some changes and corrections has been made, and it is totally open to suggestions, changes, explanations and for sure additions (I know I have forgortten some very good requests in the previous pages)...

Maybe in some weeks we can have a depurated list, with specific responses, justifications and route sheet from/for DSI...and in some months a really DEF 1.4-1.5-2.0 version of the optimized supervitamined and supermineralized Flagship P12 O.S.?
Prophet 12 Requests.rar
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